I am very happy to use this currency exchange service ...only 5 min... Wish you all the best.

Amazing fast service. Got paid within 30 minutes. I was really surprised with their performance.

reliable trustabl, got my money so fast that I wasn't expected hope they keep giving service this good ???? I hope I won't have to change my statement in future

Reliable site but too slow to transaction with huge delay of time...........

খুব ভাললাগে যখন হাজারো জালিয়াত চক্রের মধ্যে Swapcost এর মত বিশ্বস্ত এবং নির্ভেজাল সাইটে কোন চিন্তা ছাড়াই লেনদেন করতে পারি। ভালবাসা অবিরাম। আল্লাহ আপনাদেরকে সৎ পথে অনেক দূরে এগিয়ে নিয়ে যাক।

awesome service,and instant

This is the 3rd time I did exchange here. Today's exchange time is super fast. Just like it.Thanks.

First time recive from online..........Honestly it's a great site ever seen.......Go ahead SWAPCOST

Best service in the Bangladesh.man cool. hope stay tuned.

Thank you. your service is the best.recommended to everyone.

Good one, though take a bit longer about my case as their Bkash limit is exceeded then I have to give them agent number. After a while payment is done.

Awesome Service. Payment So Fast. I Just Like It Very Much. Keep It Up SwapCost.


Checking if the testimonial submission is really functional.

I love Swap cost and they are very much supportive. Even though they have less balance but they complete my request . I wish this exchanger will live long time