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This is my 31st Exchange with Swapcost. In our country context this site is extraordinary. In a simple word wow.. reliable, fast.

still no have exchange.. but haw that's problem sir

Best service, please improve your transaction time for customer satisfactio, Go forward in future, thanks.

srry may account has not 5 $.so i do not exchange.

Abar Nia 4th bar exchange korlam......shobai k bolbo......apnara akhaney nisshondehey exchange korte paren.....khob bishosto akti site

Onnnnnek....dhonnobad......swapcost k khob taratari payment Dewar jonno.....and shokoler dristi akorshon Korey bolchi.....atar chaitey valo site r pabenna...

Kira vai, eto tara-tari peye galam...ekdom karent er moto...Thanks

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